This site is build using the WordPress Content Management System. This is the fastest way to get it running and getting user feedback. The code for the modifications of the system can be found on GitHub and is available under a copyleft GNU General Public License, that is, someone using our code to build their own site with grassroots journals also has to publish their code.


The site is hosted by 1984, a company that, as the name suggests, values privacy. The host is located in Island, which has strong laws protecting privacy and freedom of speech. It also ensures that the computers need little air conditioning and are powered by 100% renewable energy.


The assessments of the articles are published under a Creative Commons attribution license. They can thus be freely harvested and reused. It is planned to add an API to the site to make the sharing of the assessments easy and well as a browser add-on so that you get a warning that assessments are available when viewing the article at the homepage of any journal.